Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines how collects, processes, and protects the Personal Data of its users. Our website collects data solely to support our legitimate interests in providing affiliate marketing services and enhancing site functionality, all by applicable data privacy laws.

About This Policy

This document details how gathers, stores, processes, and secures user information obtained during website visits or service utilization. It also elucidates the data protection rights afforded to all users.


– Personal Data: Information enabling the identification of an individual, such as name, address, or government-issued ID number.

– Data Controller: The entity determining the purposes and means of Personal Data processing.

– Data Processor: Entity handling Personal Data on behalf of the Data Controller.

– Processing of Personal Data: Any operation involving Personal Data, from collection to deletion.

– GDPR: Regulation governing the protection and processing of personal data within the EU.

Personal Data Collection

We collect user Personal Data via:

  1. Voluntary provision: Users may willingly share Personal Data, such as name and email, through forms on our website.
  2. Additional data sharing: Users may share information beyond basic contact details during interactions with us.
  3. Cookie usage: We use cookies to track website performance and user preferences.

Personal Data Processing

We process user Personal Data to fulfill website services, enhance user experience, and improve our offerings. Processing is justified by:

  1. Contract fulfillment: Necessary to provide advertised services.
  2. Legal compliance: Ensures compliance with GDPR and other relevant laws.
  3. Legitimate interest: Pursued for website maintenance and improvement, respecting user rights.
  4. Consensual collection: Users may consent to additional data processing.

We do not directly process user data; it is handled by affiliated online casinos if users choose to register with them.

Why We Collect and Process Personal Data

We collect and process Personal Data for purposes including:

  1. Recommending casinos: Requires user contact information for affiliate partner communication.
  2. Communication: Necessary to respond to user inquiries via our Contact Us form.
  3. Promotion of services: Occasional communication of relevant offers with user consent.
  4. Website improvements: Analysis of user data to enhance website functionality.

Use of Cookies

Our website uses various types of cookies, including essential, Google Analytics, and third-party cookies, to improve user experience and website performance.

Storing Personal Data

User data is not stored on our servers but is handled by affiliated online casinos in compliance with GDPR. Users are encouraged to review casino Privacy Policies for additional information.

Protecting Personal Data

We employ technical measures to ensure website security and safeguard user data. User data is not shared with unauthorized parties unless required by law, with user consent obtained when necessary.

Personal Data Sharing

We inform users of any requests for their Data and disclose sharing practices with authorized third parties. Users are advised to review third-party Privacy Policies.

Your Data Protection Rights

Users have rights including access, rectification, restriction, transfer, deletion, and complaint filing regarding their Data. Users may also withdraw consent or challenge legitimate interest justifications.


We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy without prior notice. Users are encouraged to review policy updates regularly.